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You listed your home and it didn’t sell. 

Maybe it has bad juju.

You might need some
Woo Woo.


You know that FEELING you get when you walk into a space?

Something just feels "off."

Or maybe it instantly feels like home. 

What you feel is ENERGY, also known as CHI.

Your home needs HARMONY if it's going to sell.

If chi isn't flowing TO and THROUGH your property, it's going to feel stagnant and unwelcoming. 

TOO MUCH or OVERACTIVE chi, and it'll feel irritating and not relaxing. 

It's possible that your potential buyers were feeling UNBALANCED chi in your home, giving in that "off" feeling. 

Nobody is going to buy a home that feels off. 


You want your home SOLD, right?

This is where I come in with the Woo Woo to get rid of the bad juju.

As a REALTOR and Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, I strike a balance between creating a harmonious environment and a marketable home that will capture the right buyer. 


It all starts with the Feng Shui.

Pronounced: fung schway

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of studying the chi and chi flow to harmonize the person with their environment.

Most people think Feng Shui is about color and furniture placement. Feng Shui encompasses so much more! 

There are many UNSEEN factors, inside and out, that can prevent a home from experiencing a harmonious flow of energy. Energy blockages can be caused by your floor plan, personal belongings, poor landform or even surrounding buildings.

These factors are revealed in my Feng Shui evaluation. 

What other Woo do you do?

Feng Shui is the foundation, but I sprinkle in a variety of tools to adjust the energy in your space to welcome the right buyer. The toolkit may include:

  • Feng Shui interior and exterior evaluation

  • Feng Shui cures and adjustments, interior & exterior

  • compass reading for proper sector adjustments

  • Chinese 5 element theory evaluation & adjustments

  • mirror placement or removal

  • space clearing methods

  • salting and purifying

  • emotional detachement methods

  • meditations and visualization exercises

  • intention setting

  • crystals: specific placements & activation

  • color and imagery adjustments

  • lighting adjustments

  • furniture placement

  • full or supplemental staging

  • more as needed...


I bet you are skeptical

...but whatever you did before wasn't working to get your home sold. What do you have to lose by trying this out?

Metaphysics, Woo Woo, it what you want, but you can't deny that some places give you the heebie-jeebies while others feel like a little slice of paradise. 

That's ENERGY! Let's fix yours.

Let's give your home the Woo treatment and get it relisted right away, the right way.


Serving the entire Metro Phoenix area, all property types. 


Besides the woo, what else do you do?

I offer a full-service, custom-tailored experience when listing your home for sale. 

The 4 key pillars are:

  • Education

  • Preparation

  • Marketing

  • Negotiation

Your custom tailored experience is centered around YOU:

Your communication styles.

Your budget and time resources.

Your schedule, but most importantly, 


Who the heck are you to tell me my house has bad juju?

Hey, maybe it has great juju, but SOMETHING prevented it from selling. Let's talk to figure out what's going on.

Serving the entire Metro Phoenix area:

Single family homes, condos, townhomes & vacant land.

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